A domaine,
A story,
A vision

Generations of wine growers, passionate about their craft, have forged our family’s history in the Sancerre wine region. Today we work our vineyards located in the most prestigious terroirs in the Sancerre area.

Our love of our craft, our pursuit of excellence, and our respect for nature have made our wine domaine what it is today and have allowed us to constantly improve our fine wine making.

Domaine Pierre Prieur & Fils is committed to environmental conservation. All of our production is certified in Organic Agriculture. and has received “High Environmental Value” certification since 2014.

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Committed to the environment

As wine growers, we have the responsibility and duty to preserve and pass on our natural heritage in the best conditions to future generations, as our ancestors did before us. This responsibility is reflected today by the certification of our entire estate and our wines in organic farming since the 2023 vintage. This approach is the culmination of a long work of reasoning of the culture of our vineyard in order to better protect our environment.

This organic label therefore guarantees that we no longer use any synthetic products to protect our vines, as well as a drastic limitation of inputs in our wines.

This label is accompanied by another complementary approach, particularly with regard to the preservation of biodiversity in our plots, which is High Environmental Value. In fact, our operation has been HVE certified since July 2014 at level 3.

“High Environmental Value” (HEV) is a voluntary approach that aims to identify and promote particularly environmentally-friendly practices.

Established in 2012 by the French Ministry of Ecology and Agriculture, HEV covers three key areas.

  • biodiversity conservation
  • plant protection strategy
  • management of fertilization use

The High Environmental Value certification guarantees that the wine producer respects the ecosystem of the land on which he or she grows vines and produces wine.

It preserves biodiversity through areas referred to "environmental corridors" that allow nature - wildlife, flora, insects - to flourish.

The Pierre PRIEUR & Fils domaine was certified Level 3 of HEV in July 2014, the highest level of sustainable agriculture.

This certification is recognition of our many years of hard work. For example, we do not use herbicides and the vines are worked mechanically under the vine stock, in order to encourage soil life.

Through biodiversity and the adoption of alternative methods, we have significantly reduced, or even eliminated, the use of acaricides, insecticides and fungicides.

All this allows the vine to feed itself better, in order to produce better quality grapes, and thereby allow us to produce authentic “terroir” wines.